Craicing Events

We have a calendar packed to the gills with fun events in barcelona. To be honest we just really love celebrating! We always make sure that we have the top range of promotions and menus for our celebrations, offering you a great and fun experience! Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween or just simply Cinco de Mayo, you can could on Flaherty’s throwing a fun party and offering unbeatable offers and promos, created specially for your entertainment!

So do join us each year for our major annual events in Barcelona as well as our random special events that are just perfect for a reason to celebrate and enjoy a few beers and good food in the best of company. All of our special days are laced with Irish hospitality, great food, entertainment a wicked Craic and the best drinks in town.

Upcoming events


Plaza Joaquim Xirau S/N

(just off las ramblas)

Metro Drassanes

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Monday to Friday
13-16:30 hrs
Saturday 9am-10:30am and 13-16:30 hrs
Sunday 9am-10:30am and 13-16:30 hrs
Home Delivery:
Monday to Friday 13pm-16:30 hrs
Saturday and Sunday 9am-18 hrs



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