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Best Irish Breakfast in Barcelona

Pub Flahertys Irish Breakfast

If you’re looking for a taste of home during your trip to Barcelona, then look no further than Flaherty’s Irish Pub, located in the heart of the Catalan capital. The Irish are a people famed for their wanderlust, but wherever they go, they never forget their roots. That’s why Flaherty’s is a cultural enclave for all things Irish, not least our beloved cuisine, and our delicious full Irish breakfast is famous throughout the city of Barcelona, among expats and locals alike!

What is an Irish Breakfast?

The Full Irish Breakfast is more than just a meal, it’s an institution. Its origins go all the way back to the Victorian era when a hearty breakfast recipe evolved in both Britain and Ireland to sustain farm workers over the course of a hard day’s harvesting. Typically a full Irish breakfast contains:

  • Bacon
  • Sausages
  • Fried eggs
  • Mushrooms
  • Beans
  • White and/or black pudding
  • Tomato
  • Toast
  • Tea

How to make an Irish Breakfast

Perhaps one of the best things about the full Irish Breakfast is that it’s very easy to make. Once you have your ingredients gathered simply follow these easy steps.

  1. Add butter to frying pan and allow to melt at a low heat.
  2. Add sausages and white/black pudding and cook at low heat until they take on a brown appearance.
  3. Remove sausages and pudding and add bacon and sizzle at a high heat.
  4. Remove bacon and add beans, halved tomatoes and mushrooms and fry at medium heat.
  5. Put the kettle on!

What’s the difference between an Irish and English Breakfast?

Although they share an origin story, it is a common misconception that the Irish and English breakfasts are the same. The full Irish breakfast invariably includes white or black pudding whereas the English variation typically includes hash browns and often chips.
What is white and black pudding?

Spanish people may notice that black pudding bears a striking resemblance to their beloved morcilla. In fact, the recipes are quite similar. Black pudding, like morcilla, is made from a mixture of flour, seeds, oats, fat and blood. White pudding, on the other hand, is almost identical, except for the fact that it doesn’t count blood among its ingredients.

Vegetarian Version of the Full Irish Breakfast

Like all great meals, the full irish breakfast is adaptable and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Some versions do this by emphasising the non-meat elements of the recipe, such as, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, beans and toast, while others replace the meat ingredients with plant-based substitutes.

A Taste of Ireland

However you like your full Irish, Flaherty’s is the place to be if you’re looking to enjoy this bastion of Irish culinary culture! Situated in the Plaça de Joaquim Xirau, in the heart of the gothic quarter of Barcelona, Flaherty’s is open 7 days a week. So why not come down and enjoy our traditional Irish cuisine, wide range of cocktails and fine selection of beers. And if you happen to be down Ibiza way, make sure to pop in to Flaherty’s Pub in Ibiza for more craic agus ceol!

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