Carnaval 2015

Carnaval 2015

For all you travellers out there looking for a good time in Barcelona this week you are IN LUCK! This Thursday February 12-17 initiates another year of Carnival celebrations! Unlike the United States where the biggest wide spread holiday for playing dress up and getting wasted is Halloween, the Spaniards celebrate Carnival which is equally or even more ornate. So what is Carnival? Traditionally held in places with large Catholic followings such as Spain, Italy and Brazil, Carnival is the gloriously gluttonous week of consumption and other shenanigans before Lent. The two most famous celebrations in Spain are held in Cadiz and Tenerife. In Cadiz, Carnival is defined by its music and over the top partying throughout the week. The costumes are extravagant and there are many recitals, contests, street theatre, and other satirical hilariousness mocking political figures and celebrities. Tenerife, much like Carnival in Rio, is one of the biggest parties of the year, and the ornate outfits and beauty pageants take a huge part in the celebration. The Queen of Carnival is one such pageant where women strut around in lush, lavish and original getups each more flamboyant than the last, all to win the prized title. If you weren’t able to book your trip to one of these locations, don’t worry Barcelona also participates in the festivities!

One closer Carnival option for you is to head off to the small seaside city of Sitges. Sitges, while having a smaller lesser known festival than Tenerife or Cadiz, still packs a punch and ensures you a smashing good time. Everyone dresses up, drinks, and has a good laugh. It is worth the short train ride for a unique experience. If it is your first time I recommend that you go see the infamous themed parades winding through the streets of the tiny city because the costumes are ridiculously orate and worth seeing. You will live the authentic Carnival experience! But, if you want to stay in Barcelona don’t fret! Many people celebrate Carnival by dressing up and going out to the local clubs. So get your friends together, make a costume and party the night away!

You can always pregame with us here at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona to start your night off right! So what are you going to dress up as?

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