St Patricks Day in Barcelona – 2019 Update

St Patricks Day in Barcelona – 2019 Update

2019 Update

Ladies and Gentleman it’s that time of year again when the world goes green to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. If anyone knows how to party it’s the Irish, and this is one festival of the year you cannot miss. However, did you know that this holiday, which is now associated with drinking, parties, parades, pubs and other shenanigans, was once a DRY holiday? Unbelievable right? Well from 1903-1970 Saint Patrick’s day was declared a religious observance holiday and all pubs across the country were closed for business; meaning no beer, no wine, and no spirits for the public. Thankfully, that law was overturned in 1970 and the taps and bottles have been free flowing on St. Paddy’s day ever since!

This St. Paddy’s day at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona there will be a lot of dancing and singing as well as sports, Irish grub, and pints and pints and pints of Guinness. We want you to embrace the spirit of the Emerald Isle and join us at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona for the festivities. So tune into your inner leprechaun and let’s get this party started!

Pre-Paddy’s Day Party
To get a weekend jumpstart on St. Paddy´s Day we are going to have a pre-party on Saturday the 16th so that none of you have to miss out. The theme is green of course, whether it be a shirt, socks, panties, hat, or mittens, and we want to see everyone with a pint of Guinness or Irish Whisky in hand. Plus, we will have face painting artist experts at drawing Irish flags, beer bottles, and shamrocks who can get you dolled up for the party. There will be Rugby showing all day and great music rocking on into the night. If you are hankering for a bit of hearty food, we have traditional Irish stew to fill your grumbling tummy, so you can then get right down to drinking. Games scheduled for the 16th are Rugby RBS games Italy v France at 13:30 then Wales v Ireland at 15:45 and then England v Scotland at 18H. So look no further, we have it all for you here at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona promising you fantastic craic, and a night to remember.

St. Patrick’s Day
March 17th we will be celebrating the actual Saint Patrick’s Day here at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona and everyone is invited to embark on a journey with us from Dublin to Limerick with every green beer drunk, bowl of Irish stew eaten, or Guinness hat worn. Our team will be eagerly serving you Guinness Galore  to get you into the partying spirit. Irish music will be serenading you in the background with famous artists like Van Morrison, U2, Sinéad O’Connor, the Cranberries and Flogging Molly to name a few.

St. Patrick’s Day at Shenanigans (our sister pub)

Little Shenanigans turns into a mad mad Irish Pub for this very special date. We have organized Live Music gigs for the Saturday and Sunday night, so do be sure to make an appearance and have the craic after Flaherty’s!


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