Halloween at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona

Halloween at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona

Halloween is upon us, and that means it’s time to have a blast, but do you know what makes this Halloween so amazing? Rugby, double the excitement!! This year we’re extra lucky for Halloween as we’ll have more than one reason to celebrate! Come down to Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona and watch the rugby and then enjoy our all-out Halloween party!!

From Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we would like to invite you to the most horrific and terrifying Halloween party ever hosted in Barcelona! We do love celebrating as you probably already know and Halloween couldn’t be any different.

Halloween was previously mainly celebrated by children with their trick and treat rounds, but nowadays we adults have joined in on the fun! But where does the tradition actually come from? You may not know this but the Halloween festival is originally Celtic. The Celts believed “Samhain” was a time when the barrier between our world and the spiritual world was down and spirits could pass through. Because of this it was common for the Celts to wear costumes and masks during the festival to pass unnoticed amongst the spirits. And modern society has carried this on up until now and we plan on keeping this tradition alive and scary!

At Flaherty’s Irish Bar we’ve got many a devilish potions for you to celebrate with us, Halloween beer pong from 10pm onwards and free Hallobeer t-shirts with two pints of Murphy’s, although we do bid caution, who knows what monster you could end up turning into!  We’ll also be giving out free, yes you heard right, free jello syringe shots for all of you who come dressed-up, but don’t take this lightly as we will also be giving away special Halloween prizes for the best costumes, so be original, be scary and come down to Flaherty’s Irish Bar and celebrate with us!



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