Flaherty’s FC

Flaherty’s FC

Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona is proud to present the Flaherty’s Football Club. At Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we love beer and great craic but we have a special soft spot for sports! So we thought it was about time to get our own football club.

Who are Flaherty’s FC and how did we get this amazing team together?

Flaherty’s FC team has been around and thriving since 2002, founded by British Ex-Pat and all round nice guy Steve Currie.

Flaherty’s FC take part in the Barcelona International Football League (www.bifl.info) which was a league originally set up by English Teachers, however, it has now come a long way since then. The League now boasts of 20 teams and is fully international with players from all over the globe. In recent years there have been teams made up of people from all over the world, even Koreans and Chinese, so it does give a truly international feel!

The current squad is made up of players mainly from the UK but also has players from Belgium, Ireland, Holland, France, Australia, South Africa and of course a couple of local players from Barcelona! Most of the players come from previous teams from all over and wanted to carry on after moving to Barcelona. What better way to unwind than playing football with like-minded people, making new friends and grabbing a few pints?

It’s much more than just a football team, Flaherty’s FC is a social team above all, a chance to get together and have fun! They meet on a bi-weekly basis to watch games together at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona and some of them also get together on Sunday’s to play golf!

The Gaffer Chris Dottie is an original from Liverpool, who has been at the helm for over 7 years. He started off playing ever since the club was founded in 2002. He then went on to Manage the team whilst still playing after the Manager at the time Jason Pye (Legendary League goal scorer) left the country! He finally hung his boots up 2 years ago and is now purely shouting instructions from the side lines! To make sure that the team is in top form they practice every Thursday and participate in a team run once every two weeks around Montjuic. Chris is assisted by 2 players who have been with the team for over 7 years. Damian Linfield (Assistant Manager) and Graham Burnell (Club Captain).

The team’s doing well this tournament and are currently up to third in the league after another victory this past weekend. Captain Graham Burnell comments that the early signs for this season have been very good, there are 3 matches remaining, after this the top 5 teams in Group A & B go into Division 1 and this is obviously where they want to be! (They have qualified for Division 1 in the last 4 consecutive seasons)

Come cheer them on! And if you’re a footballer without a team don’t fret!! Come join us, we’re always happy to incorporate new people to our team!! You can e-mail us at fcflahertys@gmail.com or come to one of the friendly games and show off what you got!

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