Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

Unfortunately the cold weather is back, cold days and cold nights, but don’t worry at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we’ve got just the thing for you! Delicious Irish coffee! Nothing can warm you up like a nice hot Irish coffee in Barcelona. It’s the drink for all coffee lovers who like to take it on the wild side! But it’s not only a coffee, it’s a winter treat all (over the age of 18!!) should enjoy. The perfect blend of coffee, cream, sugar and whisky. What more could you want on a cold winter’s day?

We know many of you have heard about Irish coffee but what do you know about its origin? Irish coffee was first created in 1943 at Shannon airport by Joe Sheridan when a plane of American passengers were delayed because of bad weather conditions, they were not all too happy! In an attempt to warm and cheer them up, airport restaurant chef Joe Sheridan decided to put some Irish whiskey to use in their coffees, and it was a total success! One of the passengers commended the chef’s creation and asked if he had used Brazilian coffee. Jokingly Joe replied “No, that was Irish coffee!” and from then on we have been able to enjoy this exquisite treat. If you’re ever near Shannon airport why not pop in? You can enjoy the original Irish coffee recipe at The Sheridan Pub.

Irish coffee is so popular it even has its own day! National Irish coffee day is January the 25th, we know it’s still a while off but jot it down in your calendar and come over to celebrate with our heavenly Irish coffee!

When should you have an Irish coffee? Any occasion is perfect for an Irish coffee, after lunch, in the afternoon with a scrumptious piece of cake or in the evening after work to wind down and enjoy. Our personal favourite is in the afternoon paired with a mouth-watering chocolate brownie, tempted?

How do we make our heavenly Irish coffee we hear you ask? Well, it’s simple. First of all make sure you have all the necessary ingredients, you will need: 50ml of Jameson Irish Whiskey, 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, 150ml of freshly brewed coffee and thick natural cream. First of all you need to heat the brown sugar and the whiskey, at about 45 degrees, be careful not to overheat or burn! When the sugar has dissolved you need to add the coffee, this is where it may get a bit tricky, pour the coffee over a long spoon, letting it slide down slowly. Top with thick natural cream and as a finishing touch you can sprinkle coffee on top and garnish with coffee beans.

Now even though we’ve given you the recipe for bliss so you can snug up on the sofa with a delish Irish coffee we do have one thing that you may not have at home; the incredible Irish atmosphere. An Irish coffee isn’t simply a coffee but an experience, which is why from Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we encourage you to come visit us and witness it first-hand!


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