Sunday Roast in Barcelona

Sunday Roast in Barcelona

Oh Sundays! Glorious Sundays, lie ins, lazying around, no work, no worries, could it get any better? We certainly think so, what better for a lazy Sunday than coming down to Flaherty’s Irish Bar for a Sunday Roast? You’ve been working hard all week and we know it. So sit back, relax and let us take care of you, you won’t be disappointed! Come one, come all and try the best Sunday Roast in Barcelona, choose between chicken, beef or pork.  We can guarantee it will transport you all the way back home.

Where did this tradition of the Sunday Roast actually come from?

Well it’s widely known that the English are bonkers for beef, but when did this craze start? During the reign of King Henry the VII his royal guard would eat roasted beef every single Sunday after church. It became such a ritual that the guards were affectionately called “beefeaters” (which has stuck)! And by the time the 19th century rolled around the recommended weekly amount of beef per person was said to have been of 3kg!

Continuing from this tradition every household would pop a roast on before heading off to church on Sunday. It had become as much of a ritual as the actual church going, so much that playwright Henry Fielding claimed that the Sunday Roast “ennobled our brains and enriched our blood”! Not to mention that in those times it was probably the best meal most had all week! Which is why it’s no surprise it became an important, if not essential part of the week!

Our Sunday Roast is definitely something you don’t want to miss, succulent meat served with tasty vegetables and delicious Yorkshire puddings, covered in a generous helping of homemade gravy. It can’t get much better than that!

One thing that’s great about Sundays (besides not having to work!) is sport! At Flaherty’s Irish Bar we show all sport live, so you have no excuse, come down this Sunday and enjoy the sport after a mouth-watering roast and a nice cold pint!

So let us provide you with the energy to face another Monday and another week. It’s the perfect way to finish one week and start another. Not to mention that it also gets you out of having to cook and clean!

We’ll be waiting for you every Sunday between 13:00H and 20:00H.

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