Forget Brunch, Breakfast is Back!

Forget Brunch, Breakfast is Back!

Here at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona, we firmly agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why we’ve brought out a brand new breakfast menu. Whether you’re an early bird following the scent of freshly made coffee or a night owl searching out a hangover cure, we definitely have something for you…

New Breakfast Dealsbreakfast in barcelona

Fancy a quick croissant and a cuppa before work? Want to experience a taste of Barcelona with a bocadillo de jamon serrano and cortado? Choose any coffee or breakfast tea with a mini bocadillo, croissant or chocolate muffin for just €2.50, from Monday to Friday until 1pm. Bargain!

Looking for something a bit naughtier? We have a selection of bagels with delicious filling combinations to try, as well as an American-sized stack of pancakes with maple syrup or Nutella. Calorie counters look away.

Best Full Irish in Barcelona

We all know nothing beats a good old-fashioned fry up after a heavy night out! Our chefs use the best Irish sausages and Irish bacon teamed with all of your favourites: grilled mushrooms, roasted tomato, Heinz baked beans, hash browns, fried eggs and both black and white pudding. Top that off with warm, buttery toast and you’re in breakfast heaven (even if you’re in hangover hell).

Did we mention you also get a free tea, coffee or juice?

Veggie and Vegan Friendly

veggie breakfast


Last month, Barcelona officially declared itself a veggie-friendly city. We’ve been promoting vegetarianism for a long time at Flaherty’s with our popular veggie breakfast. Linda McCartney sausages, fried eggs, Heinz baked beans, roasted tomato, grilled mushrooms and hash browns make for a satisfying, meat-free start to the day.

Linda McCartney sausages are also suitable for vegans so swap your eggs for extra veggies and, voilà, a vegan fry. (Don’t forget to ask for soya milk in your free tea or coffee.)


“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” John Gunther


Breakfast Beverages

Customers are always complimenting us on our high-quality coffee and selection of teas. Choose from a PG Tips English breakfast, healthy green or red, calming chamomile or energising mint infusion. We also ship in oranges from Valencia for our vitamin-filled fresh orange juice.

You can also check out our drinks menu for details of our fruity smoothie selection.

The Healthy Option

As well as our smoothies and fresh juices, we offer a healthy breakfast of Greek yoghurt, walnuts and honey for just 3.50€. Stop off after your morning jog for a small meal filled with protein, and it’s perfect for the hot summer months when you’re looking for something light.

Which Flaherty’s breakfast would you like to try?

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