August Fiestas in Barcelona!

August Fiestas in Barcelona!

The Pogues once sang a song called Fiesta and filmed the video in Barcelona, bringing together Irish music and the Spanish way of partying! We love recommending traditional Spanish fiestas and events to holidaymakers, while also giving them a taste of home at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona.

August is the biggest month for the barrio fiestas, when each district of Barcelona holds their own street party. These are momentous times that bring together the communities with food, drink and good company! Which also happen to be the three staples of an Irish bar!

There are three major fiestas happening this month and here, we give you the low-down on each one.

La Festa Major de Gracia

When? 15th August to 21st August 2016

Best Time to Go? When the sun goes down!

Probably the most inviting and eventful of the barrio fiestas, La Festa Major de Gracia is around a 25 minute walk from the city centre. The residents come together to adorn the streets and plazas with illuminations and creative decorations. There is an extensive programme of over 500 activities each year, most of which are family friendly. These include street competitions, musical concerts and shows, workshops, sporting events and much more.

The first two days of the festival are usually the busiest and visitors are asked to respect the neighbours by being tidy and not making any noise after 1am.

Head to the official website for more information.

La Festa Major de Sants

When? 20th to 28th August 2016

Best Time to Go? Opening parade and last Sunday.

Often overshadowed by the spectacles of the Gracia festival, La Festa Major de Sants still has plenty to offer visitors. Like Gracia, the streets are decorated by the neighbours, giving a beautiful walkway through the district. There are also plenty of traditional Catalan events to watch and get involved in for all of the family.

Our favourite are the gegants in the opening parade. These are giant paper-mache figures, worn by locals. The last Sunday of the parade usually sees a bike race, 2k run and firework display complete the fiesta.

The official website is currently being updated, but check back to find out more closer to the time here.

Festes de Sant Roc

When? 12th to 16th August 2016

Best Time to Go? Anytime!

The Festes de Sant Roc is one of Barcelona’s oldest street festivals (over 400 years old!) and it takes place in Flaherty’s very own barrio, El Gotico. Head to the Cathedral Square (Placa Nova) to see a whirlwind of Catalan celebrations. The castellers are human towers of people, often children, which would never pass Health and Safety rules in the UK and Ireland. However, we can assure you they are very safe and make for a great show!

The correfoc, or firerun, is also an amazing spectacle. Groups of “devils” chase people around with bangers and fireworks whilst dancing to a hectic drumbeat. Expect a lot of noise, fire and laughter! There’s also a wine drinking contest…

The official 2016 programme isn’t out yet but check out last year’s to get tips on what to expect.

Embracing the local traditions of Barcelona makes a nice change from heading to the beach every day, and it will really make your holiday unique! Don’t forget to let Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona know your favourite August fiesta.

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