Halloween in Barcelona

Halloween in Barcelona

Halloween in Barcelona 2017

Are you still trying to figure out what to do for Halloween in Barcelona? Don’t worry, we got you! Flaherty’s Irish Pub brings you the best party of the season and we’re also here to you about Spanish traditions and what you can do in Barcelona to celebrate. Are you ready?

If you like Halloween just half of how much we like it, you can’t go wrong with coming to our party. Why? First of, we are an Irish Pub after all, and we pretty much invented Halloween! You don’t believe us? Check this out:

Where does Halloween come from?

The origin of Halloween can be found in Samhain festival in Ireland’s Celtic past, a fire festival that was celebrated during the night of the 31st of October and throughout the next day. On the night the druids would light and extinguish fires to end with the old and move on to the next. It marked the end of the pastoral cycle, but was also the night when passed souls would make their way home and evil spirits from the Underworld would make themselves visible to mankind.

Trick or treating was also originated centuries ago. In Ireland the poor would go from door to door at rich people homes and ask for food, kindling or money. They would then use what they collected for their celebrations on Halloween. Now it’s more of a children’s tradition to ask for candies or pay with tricks when they are not happy with what they got, but let’s be honest: it doesn’t matter the age, we all love candies anyways!

Halloween was, and it still is, the most terrorific night of the year. Nowadays we celebrate the night of the witches and spells, the night of the Otherworld; all in all, it’s a very special night. That’s why at Flaherty’s Irish Pub we want you to celebrate it with us, because we want to make it special! And if it’s your first Halloween in Barcelona, we will make sure you don’t forget it!

Why is our Irish Bar the best for Halloween in Barcelona?

For starters, we will be giving out free blood shots to everyone who comes in fancy dress, but that’s not all! We will also be giving away gifts and prizes throughout the night and we’ll have a professional makeup artist ready to get you sorted with your scary look for free! Let’s not forget our super Halloween masks too, so you’ll definitely be setup for a fab night out! The biggest surprise for our 2017 edition is that we’ll be offering 3€ pints and mixed drinks for those that come in fancy dress!

After coming to see us, you can also visit our sister pub Shenanigans Barcelona as they have a night of live music planned to ensure the perfect pre party atmosphere. You can enjoy the rest of the night in one of the many clubs that will be hosting Halloween parties. Some of the most popular are Opium, Shoko, Razzmatazz or Apolo, but every club will be organizing something spooky for you to enjoy!

The party is not over…

And as if that’s not enough, Barcelona continues the party the day after with the typical Castanyada and All Saints’ Day. The tradition reads that everyone visits their lost ones at the cementery to remember them and bring flowers and candles. It’s also traditional to eat roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes and “panellets” (a popular sweet) says Catalan culture.

Don’t think about it for a second longer and come and celebrate such a fun and special occasion as Halloween with us in Barcelona. Remember, Halloween is only once a year and you have to make the most of it! We’ll be waiting for you on Tuesday October the 31st 2017 at Flaherty’s Irish Pub in Plaza Joaquim Xirau. And we have free blood shots if you come in your best costume. So don’t miss out n a great Halloween in Barcelona!


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