January in Barcelona

January in Barcelona

Are you still in a Christmas cocoon? Snap out of it! 2019 is underway and it’s going to be awesome.

Sant Antoni

If you are still here in Barcelona and want to explore more of the city, the Sant Antoni neighbourhood in the L’Eixample district is the place to be this month. Named after Sant Antoni de Abbot, or Anthony the Great, the neighbourhood is very central and very trendy. We especially love the second-hand book market that takes place outside the metro station every Sunday.

Sant Antoni was born in Egypt in 251 AD. After the death of his parents, he gave away all his belongings and became a religious hermit. News of his piety travelled, and he was forced to move every time pilgrims sought him out for wisdom. Before his death, Antoni requested he be buried in an unmarked grave to avoid any grave robbing for relics.

In the middle ages, Antoni became the patron saint for an Order of Hospitaller Brothers in Grenoble. They treated skin diseases such as leprosy and accredited their cure to – wait for it – Sant Antoni relics in their possession. These monks were authorised by the church to raise swine, and the pig became an emblem closely associated with Antoni. Of course, legend posits the more romantic story of Antoni saving the life of a pig who then followed him everywhere he went.

Sant Antoni Festival

Every year Sant Antoni hold a local festival in honour of Antoni. The festival runs until the 20th and ends with a spectacular carrefoc (fire-run). The festival offers parades, concerts and the famous Els Tres Tombs walk on 17 January from the centre of Sant Antoni to Placa Sant Jaume, where a blessing for pigs and other domestic animals is given. The festival is a great excuse to explore this part of Barcelona, and we are not far away if you want to pop in for a drink afterward.

New Year Resolutions – Flaherty’s Hack to a Better You in 2019

It’s not too late to make resolutions for 2019. The turn of the year is a traditional time to reflect on your life and look at what you might want to change or improve. Follow Flaherty’s hacks below for achieving the most popular of resolutions.

Get more exercise

This is an easy one. Why don’t you walk to Flaherty’s next time? We won’t start having fun until you get here we promise.

Meet New People

Barcelona is a wonderfully cosmopolitan city and at Flaherty’s you can meet up with locals, tourists and expats. Next time you are in, why not offer to buy someone new a drink?

Break with Expectations

Traditionally January is a dry month with many of us planning an alcohol free 30 days. Blasphemy we say! January is the coldest and darkest month here in Barcelona and what better way to compensate for the winter chill by meeting up with friends for a drink. Abstinence? Moderation is much better. But if you are embarking on a dry January, you are still welcome at Flaherty’s for coffee.

Improve Mental Skills

Next time you are with a group, why not take everyone’s order and try to remember it correctly by the time you get to the bar?

Try Something New

Do you always order the same drink? Why not splash out this year by trying something new. Flaherty’s have a superb range of beers and spirits to whet your appetite. Chat to our staff for suggestions.

Save Money

At Flaherty’s we always have a selection of offers designed to make your time with us fun and gentle on your pocket. Tuesday nights are Steak Night with a free beer or glass of wine for just 10€. And our Beer Tower with nacho’s is just good financial sense!

Be Happier

This is an easy one! At Flaherty’s we run on fun, laughter and beer. Come down and see us to wave goodbye to 2018 and start to celebrate a new year and a new you in 2019.

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