New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year’s Resolutions!

As the year winds to an end in December, we all take a moment to think about our achievements, special memories, goals, those not so great moments, as well as the important people in our lives and use that to fuel how we want to grow and build ourselves for the next year. From this springs our New Year’s resolutions, or the new activities we want to take on, the new goals we create, and the new places we want to reach. This all combines into the overall effort to create our new and/or improved self. It is thus fitting that January is National Hobby Month because it is a reminder to propel all of our ideas and interests into actions, and discover new passions, or improve on old ones that give us pleasure in life.

Here at Flaherty´s Irish Bar Barcelona we are an Irish owned family pub. Our passion is beer, sports, good food, good craic, and overall serving our customers so that they feel at home. That is how we thrive and strive to grow each year to create the best experience for our customer. Although we work as a family towards one goal, this team is made up of very important individuals that have their own skills, personalities, hobbies, and interests.

The lovely Dagmar for example, is one of the finest waitresses you can find in Barcelona. She is very personable, outgoing, and loves to help and serve each and every client that walks through the door. She has fun with the guests because everyday someone new walks into the pub and she learns a little bit from each person, which makes her work enjoyable. Outside of work she loves to wander wide-eyed through Barcelona and marvel at Gaudi´s magnificent architecture including Park Güell, Casa Batlló, and Sagrada Familia. She also loves to head down to the beach to read and listen to the waves rolling and crashing in. Her other hobbies include taking Zumba classes and believe it or not she is a fiery FC Barcelona fan!

Francisca is another important member to the Flaherty´s Irish Bar Barcelona team, and her spunk and smile make her a great asset to the group and a very beloved waitress amongst our customers. She also loves her job because she gets to meet a variety of people with different cultures and backgrounds that makes her day a breeze. She is a sporty girl and says that Barcelona is great because it offers all types of sports imaginable for a healthy lifestyle, and the weather is perfect to partake in any of them. Her personal favorites are playing padel, riding her bike by the beach, and going to the gym. Plus, she loves to take a stroll through Park Ciutadella because it is spacious and beautiful.

The great thing about Barcelona is that there is an immaculate amount of opportunities to discover or pursue the passion and hobbies you want to partake in. Whether you are an adamant soccer fan like Dagmar or you like physical activities like Francisca, there is definitely something for you. If you like photography, or you have an interest in live music, or even like to bird watch, the city offers the opportunity to pursue your passions. So you want to celebrate in National Hobby Month and discover a new interest this New Year?? We have a few small suggestions to do so.

Everything begins with YOU. What have you wanted to do since you were little? What is that one thing you never get around to doing? Make a list of activities that interest you and order them (you can even take some ideas from Dagmar and Francisca above). Then research it! You can check out meet ups, classes, materials, Pinterest etc. for ideas on how to meet people with the same hobby or learn how to get started. Then commit to your hobby and tie it in with your New Year’s resolutions. Remember, hobbies derive from your self-motivation and passion so keep at it if you like what you are doing. By the time the New Year rolls around again you will be a pro! And hey, if it doesn’t work out, you can ponder your ideas over a pint and then try something different. So what are you waiting for? Get after it!

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