No-Shave November has returned!

No-Shave November has returned!

What is the huge moustache-beard craze all about you may ask. Well, just as Breast Cancer awareness has assumed a pink ribbon as its main icon, or the ALS Association used the ice bucket challenge to promote its cause around the world, No-shave November is used as a way to propagate information about men’s health issues especially related to prostate cancer. The concept was introduced by the American Cancer Society with the aim that all men (women can also be included) skip out on shaving and haircuts for all of November. They let their mane grow wild for the month not only to pay respects to the cancer patients that lose their hair, but to donate all the money normally spent on the Barber, razors, waxing and other grooming expenses to the cancer foundation. Therefore, don’t judge all of those ungroomed men you will see wandering the streets because more likely than not, they are serving a good cause and step by step raising awareness for serious male health issues. So..It is time for you to grow a SEXY MOUSTACHE and help raise awareness and fight cancer and depression in men.


We challenge everyone to upload pictures of their SEXY MO’S to Facebook and Instagram using #GROWASEXYMO AND…..The person with the most LIKES will win a dinner for two in 7Sins and we will donate 1€ per like of the winning photo.


NOVEMBER 30th at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we will celebrate our grand MOVEMBER PARTY. Don’t miss out on the festivities!

A few highlights of the nights events as follows:
1. A beard competition and the winner gets a free barrel of beer.
2. We will have barbers on site to shave your grisly tresses.
3. The winner of the photo contest #GROWASEXYMO will be announced.
4. We promise to donate .50 cents for every pint of Estrella Damm consumed.

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