Beer-pong Thursdays!

Beer-pong Thursdays!

Have you been to Thursday night Beer Pong at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona? If not, you should come try it out, meet some awesome new people, and possibly win an impressive prize for your efforts! But what is Beer Pong you ask?

Beer pong is not your average drinking game. The game of choice by all college students, it is a test of skill, accuracy, reflexes and sometimes just plain luck…but most importantly there is BEER involved. It is a perfect way to get the party started and keeping it going all night long. How do you play one might ask? Well, the simplest way to explain it goes as follows: There are two teams composed of two players each. You need a long table, plastic cups and 2 ping pong balls. To begin each team puts themselves at opposite ends of each other and make a pyramid of 6 or 10 plastic cups, filling them with 2-3 beers (normally). Now the fun part begins! You have to throw the ping pong ball across the table into your opponent’s cup. If you manage to throw the ball into the cup, your opponent must then drink the beer in the cup and remove the cup from the table. So, how do you win? Well easy! You just have to eliminate all of your rival’s cups first and hey you’re the winner!

But, what makes the game fun is all the extra quirky rules that each set of friends, University campuses or Bars such a Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona, has unique and original. You might hear- Balls back! Blow! Heating Up! Around the Back! Troll! Only one Rerack! Opposite Hand Eyes Closed! On Fire! But don’t be alarmed you can learn all the rules quickly and will come to love the game as so many people already do.

So want to give Beer Pong a shot?

Come to Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona every Thursday starting at 10pm to join in on the fun. The tournament is organized bracket style and is only 5€ the entire night!! Plus, winner receives a 30€ bar tab. So come try it out, meet some great people, and spice up your Thursday nights!

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