Who was Molly Malone?

Who was Molly Malone?

At Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we love our Irish traditions and we do everything we can to keep them alive. Being away from our beloved Ireland is hard enough as it is and even more so when we miss out on our much loved Irish festivities! But do not worry, at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we bring the festivities to you, this week flown over straight from Dublin we are proud to introduce Molly Malone.

This Irish folk song tells the tragic tale of Molly Malone, legend has her living in 17th century Dublin and is said to have been a natural beauty, and it is this beauty that is rumoured to have caused her death. During the day she would walk through the streets of Dublin selling cockles and mussels, however when nightfall came she had to pursue another profession. Due to the immense poverty suffered in those days the young Molly Malone was forced to sell her beauty to strangers in order to survive. Different sources tell us different causes of her death, some say it was due to the poor conditions she had to endure and consequently died from a fever. However the majority of sources tell us she died as a result of one of her clients infecting her with an unknown disease.

There is much debate as to whether Molly Malone did indeed exist. In 1988 a historian claimed to have found the real Molly Malone and identified her as a woman who died in 1699. Then again in 2010 Anne Brichton found a song titled “Molly Malone” in a book published in 1790, which states that Molly Malone was from Howth a seaside village near Dublin; thus supporting the idea the Molly was in fact real.

What is clear is that Molly Malone is one of Dublin’s strongest emblems, she even has her own statue, which is now one of Dublin’s signature attractions and honours her as a working-class hero, although the statue has acquired a few nickname such as “the tart with the cart” or “the dolly with the trolley”.

This week we’re celebrating Irish culture Molly Malone style! Come down and celebrate with us, Thursday 17th of September get all the mussels you can eat with your pint of Guinness. Don’t forget to take your picture with her, you could win a week-end trip to Dublin! And of course, don’t forget the lyrics there will be lots of singing!

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