A Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner in Barcelona

A Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner in Barcelona

2018 Update

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’ve all got things to be thankful for, what are you thankful for? At Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we’re thankful for many things, but if you want to find out what you’re just going to have to come down and ask us in person!

Let’s get down to what’s important, we know you’re all asking yourselves what fab things we have in store for you for Thanksgiving at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona. Besides from offering you the option of enjoying a succulent turkey with all the trimmings and without washing a single dish! We’re going all out and all American! Special occasions call for special deals! We’ve got a huge traditional homemade meal planned, and you can enjoy it for just 15€ including a pint or large glass of wine!! There’s also plenty of drink offers, and to make matters even better we’re hosting a beer pong tournament! And to top it all off we’re showing all NFL games live! That’s right, Eagles v Lions at 18:30 and Panthers v Cowboys at 22:30.

In order to celebrate properly at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we’re offering pints of Bud for just 3€, so sit back and enjoy the game with a nice cold pint! Or perhaps you’re feeling a little bit cheekier, why not grab a mixed drink for only 5€? Then to top it all off have a fireball shot for 3€ or go all out and grab our special JB honey shots offer, 5 shots for only 10€! And what about the beer pong tournament? If it’s a tournament there has to be a prize right? If you’re lucky enough to win the beer pong tournament (and still be left standing!) we’ll reward you with a barrel of Bud!

Let the fun begin, and to warm you up and get you in the festive spirit let’s proceed with some entertaining facts about Thanksgiving! Did you know that at the first Thanksgiving took place without forks? That’s right forks weren’t introduced to the Pilgrims until ten years after the first Thanksgiving, and even then they weren’t all that popular after that! Well here at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we’re all about keeping traditions going, but we’ll be generous and let you have a fork! We’re sure many of you wonder how many turkeys are eaten at Thanksgiving, we’ll we’ve found the answer, and it’s a whopping big number, in America alone around 46 million turkeys are sold! And just so you know, the turkey isn’t responsible for the drowsiness or the dreaded “food coma” you suffer after your Thanksgiving dinner, but then what is? Scientists say it’s all that extra wine, the high-calorie meal and relaxing after a busy work schedule! From Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we don’t think it’s the wine or the food, it’s definitely the busy work schedule, so don’t cut back on wine or our delicious turkey!

Here comes another strange turkey related fact! Have you ever heard of the Presidential Pardon? Well, each year the President of the US pardons a turkey and spares it from being eaten for dinner on Thanksgiving. The first turkey pardon ceremony began with President Truman in 1947 and still happens today. President Obama pardoned a 45-pound turkey named courage, and he’s been one lucky turkey, he flew all the way to Disneyland and served as Grand Marshal of the park’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Whilst we’re on the subject of turkey, did you know that this delicious bird wasn’t actually on the original thanksgiving menu? The only things that are known to have been served on the first Thanksgiving were deer and various types of fowl!

Another strange occurrence is that the date of Thanksgiving was once changed in an attempt to boost the economy. President Lincoln set the date for the fourth Thursday in November, but in 1939 President Roosevelt moved it up a week with the hope that it would help the shopping season during the Depression era. However, it didn’t succeed and two years later Thanksgiving was back to its right date.

From Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we hope we’ve got you into the mood for celebration and we’d love to see you all on the 26th of November from 1pm onwards! It’s going to be a celebration you don’t want to miss out on! Remember, turkey, beer pong, great drinks offers, great craic, friendly faces and live NFL, what more could you ask for?

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