New Years Eve in Barcelona

New Years Eve in Barcelona

2017 News Year Eve Update 

New Year’s Eve is upon us, and if you haven’t got a plan yet you better get moving! Every Country has their own traditions and different customs when celebrating New Year’s Eve, some change over the years and others remain the same. But how did we come about celebrating it? The celebrations date back to more than 4000 years ago. It was thanks to Julius Caesar, who was the first to declare January the first a national holiday. And if there’s a holiday the next day then previous celebrating during the night is guaranteed!

From Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we would like to invite you to our special New Year’s Eve party, the atmosphere is always of the best kind and what better way to start the New Year than with friendly people and great craic? We have a special menu for only 38€, starting off with three different starters, followed by three scrumptious mains to choose from and delicious strawberry and champagne duo or belgium double chocolate orange cake! Not to mention the traditional Spanish grapes, cava and the party pack with all the necessary items to make your night a memorable one! We’ll be celebrating till late in the morning, so don’t miss out on this opportunity and come party with us!


In Spain there is a very interesting tradition we’re sure you’ve all heard of, and if you haven’t you better jot it down! The eating of 12 grapes at midnight is a long lasting tradition in Spain, it is said to have originated in 1909, when grape producers promoted their consumption due to an overproduction that occurred that year. Each grape signifies one month of the year, and is believed that this with bring good luck and prosperity for the oncoming year.  The grapes are eaten at every stroke of the clock as it strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve. But will any old clock do for the grapes? No! When the time nears midnight people all over Spain gather around TVs or radios and all listen to exactly the same clock, located in Madrid at the Puerta del Sol. Not to mention the thousands of people who travel to or live in Madrid and celebrate at Puerta del sol in front of the clock. After the grapes a mass explosion of joy emerges and cava bottles are uncorked for toasts and congratulations, and this is only the beginning, if it’s your first New Year’s Eve in Spain make sure you are well rested, because the partying goes on into late hours of the morning and normally ends with chocolate and churros(flour fritters)! Another fun custom in Spain during the New Year is wearing red coloured underwear, however, it can’t just be any old red underwear, and they must have been given to you by someone else.

English speaking countries also have their traditions, a lot of meaning was placed on the first person who entered the house on New Year’s Day. If this happened to be a tall handsome man then this would bring the home and its family good fortune, but if it was a red-headed girl it would bring hardship.  Centuries ago it was common to begin the New Year with a spotless clean house, houses were cleaned top to bottom as it signified starting the coming year with a fresh slate. However, we don’t think most people still follow that tradition! Single people used to place sprigs of mistletoe, holly and ivy leaves under their pillow in the hope that they would dream of their future wives and husbands, we’re not all sure it will work, but hey give it a try and tell us!

So come one, come all and get into the holiday spirit with us at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona, we can guarantee a fabulous time surrounded by friendly people and great craic!



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