Flahertys FC

Flahertys FC

At Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we can’t get enough of sport, and as some of you may know we have our own football team Flahertys FC which play in the Barcelona International Football League, a league set up for foreign residents, mainly language teachers, however nowadays it includes people from all over the globe. Flahertys FC is a gang of young and fun guys who enjoy sport and are always up for a good laugh. Our fab team are currently placing 5th in the League A classification after their victory against Athletic Catalunya 8-2, we are currently waiting to see if they will qualify for Division 1 for the 2nd part of the season. We sure hope they do! We thought it was high time you get to know them a little better!

This week we’d like to introduce you to Flahertys FC fullback Craig McDonald, today he’s going to tell us all about the camaraderie in the team and all the mischief they get up to!

Let’s start off with an easy question!

What’s it like playing for Flahertys FC?

“Oh god it’s a great laugh! All the lads get on so well and there are few real jokers in the team.”

Really, how so?

“Well a few weeks ago there, I came on during a game and while I was on the pitch all the lads on the bench went into the changing rooms, grabbed all my stuff and chucked it in the shower. When I went to get changed after the game all my clothes were soaking! Not to mention the fact the water totally destroyed my phone! Hahaha, what a laugh eh, bunch of comedians eh?!”

So you all get on well? Do you socialise outside of football??

“Oh yeah, we often go out for drinks after the game and we try and meet up every fortnight or so during the week. Oh, it’s a great laugh…we’ll often sit in a bar for hours and hours having a great laugh and then all the lads will wait until I go to the toilet and then run away leaving me with the bill. Hahaha, what a laugh eh?!”

Yes, sounds like great fun. What would say is the funniest thing that’s happened while you’ve been playing for the team?

“Oh that’s easy! After a game last year I was sitting at a table, separate from all the lads (as they said there was simply no room left at their table for another person). When I got up to go to the toilet they all put various pieces of debris into my drink (dust, coins small pebbles etc.). Once I sat back down I took a few swigs of my beer and noticed everyone was laughing their heads off. I then felt a sharp stabbing pain in my stomach and it turned out that I had swallowed a 1 cent piece. The coin lodged in my stomach and caused my appendix to burst – which I subsequently had removed. I was in hospital for 2 weeks, HAHAHAHA, I still need to get them back for that one! What a laugh eh, eh?!”

Ah yes indeed! When did you realise you had swallowed the coin, I mean, when did the PENNY drop?

“Is that supposed to be some kind of joke?! That’s not funny, this interview is over…”

As you can see Flahertys FC is not only about football, having a great time is also important, and boy do these lads have a good time. Hopefully Craig will get his own back soon, revenge is a plate best served cold they say!

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