Beer O’Clock at Flaherty’s!

Beer O’Clock at Flaherty’s!

In Barcelona, every hour is beer o’clock and it’s no different at Flaherty’s! Get chatting in this welcoming city and you’ll find people of all nationalities with one thing in common – a love of beer. Local beers, craft beers, ales, stouts, bitters and so much more.

In particular, artisanal beers and microbreweries have seen a massive rise in popularity. Not one to miss out, at Flaherty’s we have HOPped onto the craft beer craze with our very own amber-coloured ale. Brewed with roasted malt and a classic blend of hops, Flaherty’s Pale Ale has caramel notes and a refreshingly light flavour. Everything else will PALE in comparison!

Read on to find out more about the beers we have on offer at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona….

Artisanal Ales

Craft brews are at the top of the beer chain right now, bubbling with special ingredients, hop combinations and signature blends. At Flaherty’s, we have a range of artisanal ales, both local and international, that are waiting to be reviewed by you! As well as our delicious Flaherty’s Pale Ale, we also stock  a local brewery’s beers; Barcino. Their Raval I.P.A. And Bogatell Blonde are two very popular choices.

Brew Dog is another big seller, both bottled and on draught. This Scottish punk brewery boasts a range of bars in the United Kingdom and they have now branched out internationally, with Flaherty’s one of the first to snap up their unique beers.

Our American pale ale, Beercelona, is a citrusy craft beer available thanks to the Barcelona Beer Company – another local brewery that we love to support.

Flaherty’s Faves

Over the years, we have seen beers come and go at Flaherty’s, but Fosters and Heineken have been two of our most loyal lagers. Both hugely favoured by groups from the United Kingdom and Ireland, these two have battled for the Flaherty’s lager crown for a long time! (We also stock Heineken by the bottle too for those who prefer bottles to pints.)

Recently, we have added the UK’s most loved beer, Carling, on draught and it’s proving very desirable with groups of boys looking to cool down in the Spanish heat. Attention all UK expats – come and enjoy a taste of home!

International Beers

We looked far and wide to bring some of the most popular beers of the world to Flaherty’s and you won’t be disappointed. Sol, the original Mexican beer, is available in bottles and both its flavour and name make it the perfect summertime beverage! If you like a cheeky tequila shot, try Desperados which is a little stronger but really hits the spot.

For those searching out a more refined beer, try Erdinger weissbier. Traditional Bavarian brewing techniques make this both tasty and full-bodied. Its distinctive glassware is shaped so that each sip is as satisfying as the last.

For a taste of Italia, we have premium lager Peroni on draught too. Salute!

Local Lagers

Estrella Damm is Barcelona’s most cherished beer and it would be a travesty if it wasn’t our most popular lager! As well as having Estrella on draught, we also stock Estrella bottles (or medianas if you want to practise your Spanish!) From Monday to Friday, you can buy a bucket of five medianas for just €12 or how about a 3 litre gulp tower for €25!

End of the month and you’re hard up on cash? Our sister bar, Shenanigans Irish Pub Barcelona, has €1 bottles of Estrella from 6pm to 8.30pm on weekdays. How can you resist?

Irish Charmers

We all know Flaherty’s has the best pint of Guinness in Barcelona, but what else do we have to offer our Irish beer lovers? We have recently introduced Kilkenny to our draught selection – a delicious Irish cream ale which is a favourite with Australians and Canadians too.

Head across Las Ramblas to Shenanigans and you’ll find both Murphy’s Irish Red and the cheapest pint of Guinness in the city!

With summer just around the corner, a cold pint is just what you need to make the most of the long, sunny evenings. We can’t decide which Flaherty’s beer is best so why not come down and try them all for yourself?

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