Why the Irish Fans are the best!

Why the Irish Fans are the best!

The Euros are in full swing right now and, after Ireland’s win against Italy, we thought we’d bring you an update on how the Irish fans are getting along in France. Contrary to the usual stories of hooliganism and brawls that follow international football, the Irish fans have been applauded for ‘having the craic’ and ‘being the best fans in the world!’

The game against Italy has given Ireland a new boost in confidence. Not only was it a fantastic goal by Brady in the 85th minute, but they have now reached the knockout stages of the European Championship for the first time ever. The atmosphere here at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona was electric! Brady said of the moment,

‘I grew up dreaming about this stage and to go and do it in front of my family is the best feeling in the world […] I am absolutely flabbergasted by it all!’

So, what else have the Irish fans been up to?

Serenading Locals

Carla Romera, a local French woman, was going about her daily business when she was spontaneously serenaded. Hundreds of Irish fans sang Frankie Valli’s ‘You’re Just Too Good to Be True’ to the lifeguard and model. Romera commented,

“I want to say that I am very proud of the Irish, it was a magical time filled with kindness and joy.”

Making Friends With Police

As Irish fans took shelter in a tunnel singing and drinking, the French police tried to move them to avoid blockage. With no luck, the police took to song to try and get through to the fans. What happened? A sing-along of ‘Stand Up/Go Home for the French police’ and the subsequent reply from the officers… ‘Thank you to the boys in green!’

Find the video here.

Cleaning Up

As many fans continue making a mess with their bottles and waste all over France, Irish fans have been spotted giving the place a good tidy. In Paris, videos emerged of the lads picking up their bottles and doing their bit for the environment. Obviously, the hashtag on twitter was #CleanUpForTheBoysInGreen!

Balcony Antics

One local French man found himself the centre of attention for Irish fans outside of The Harp pub in Paris. He went out onto his balcony for a look around and was met with cheers from the crowds. When he went back indoors, the fans booed him until he returned to the balcony. This went on for quite a while! Watch the video here.

Singing Lullabies

We know how loud football fans can be so a French family were very surprised when Irish fans sang lullabies to their baby! From Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Hush Little Baby, the guys gave it their all on the train to Bordeaux. They even shushed and told other fans to be quiet. One Irish lad was heard saying to a couple of louder fans, ‘Shut up or we’ll box the head off the two of ye!”

These stories make us so proud to be Irish here at Flaherty’s. Don’t forget we have full coverage of all games and plenty of drink and food deals to offer all fans. It’s the best place to watch the Euros in Barcelona!

Go’on the Boy’s in Green! 

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