The Secrets of Montjuic Barcelona

The Secrets of Montjuic Barcelona

Montjuïc, or Mountain of the Jews, stands majestically on the Barcelona skyline with its shrubbery hiding an amazing amount of secrets. If you’re looking for things to do in Barcelona, look no further than here. Culture vultures can hide out in the galleries, outdoorsy types can enjoy the views and hikes, and those interested in Spanish culture can head to Poble Espanyol by day, as nighttime is another story!

To get to the base of Montjuic, you can walk from the city centre – it’s around fifteen minutes from Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona or you can see it from Plaza Espanya side, which is easy to get to by metro from Plaza Catalunya. Here, we take a look at our top ten things to see at Montjuic.

  1. Horse Stables

Hidden in the middle of Montjuic is Hipica La Foixarda – stables which hold a large amount of horses and ponies. People can take them for a ride or freely wander around the site. There’s also a restaurant with very friendly staff that serve freshly barbequed Catalan delights!

  1. Poble Espanyol

Poble Espanyol is a constructed village within the city of Barcelona. A total of 117 towns, streets and squares from all over Spain have been reproduced there. By day, Poble Espanyol is a fantastic place to watch traditional craftsmen and artists while stopping off for lunchtime drinks and tapas. By night, it often takes on a different edge with concerts and DJs frequently playing.

  1. Olympic Pool

Built when the Olympics were held in Barcelona, the Olympic pool is a favourite with locals and tourists alike. Head up there and see the diving boards and pure water that athletes once swam to victory in!

  1. Brunch in the Park

Brunc h in the Park is a family event that takes place every Sunday in the mountains. During the daytime, kids can get involved with stalls, games and activities while their parents can appreciate nice cold sangria in the sun! As the hours pass by, the mood changes as international DJs take to the stage.

  1. The Castle

Castell de Montjuic is an old military fortress which stands at the top of the hill. Be brave and hike up there so you can see the amazing views or it’s also possible to travel by cable car and funicular. During the summer months, there’s an outdoor cinema here which is not to be missed!

  1. Cactus Garden

Aswell as many botanical gardens, Montjuic has an interesting cactus park with over 800 species to admire. There really are some strange ones! Wander carefully through the garden, and we’d recommend taking pictures from a safe distance!

  1. Art Galleries

The MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) is the main art gallery which overlooks Plaza Espanya. It holds art from many different periods, with a lot of Romanesque art. There are also plenty of other art galleries to see in Montjuic, including the Joan Miro Foundation and CaixaForum.

  1. The Magic Fountain

Font Magica, or the Magic Fountain, is an unmissable spectacle! By night, the fountain sprays are illuminated with colour and are set to mystical soundtracks. Crowds gather for the show every weekend at Plaza Espanya and it really is a fun night out for all of the family.

  1. Concerts

As we have mentioned, Poble Espanyol is host to a range of DJs and performances. Aside from this, Palau Sant Jordi is also a great venue for watching international artists and musicians. Bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Cure are set to hit the stage in the coming months and Beliebers can get excited as Justin Bieber heads there in November…

  1. Stunning Views

Wherever you are in Montjuic, you can take advantage of stunning views of the city. Look out for Sagrada Familia dominating the streets and Mount Tibidabo jutting out into the skyline. The Miramar is the most popular spot for looking out over Barcelona and sunset is the perfect time to appreciate the beautiful vistas.

If you’re looking for things to do in Montjuic, you have endless possibilities! The mountain really does have an air of mystery and you’re sure to stumble upon different activities and events every time you head up there. Come down to Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona and let us know what you discovered!

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