Oktoberfest in Barcelona

Oktoberfest in Barcelona

If you’re looking to celebrate Oktoberfest in Barcelona or you’re just a big beer lover and it sounds like a great reason to enjoy a few, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona, we have all sorts of surprises hidden up our lederhosen for this Bavarian beer bonanza.

Crossing international borders, we’re bringing together German, Irish and Spanish cultures for a grand old drinking session! We’re offering scrumptious sausages, plenty of beer on tap and a fantastic offer which sees you get every 6th pint for free. We imagine those in the Oktoberfest spirit can handle a lot more than that! Get the Erdinger at the ready…

The History of Oktoberfest

Back in mid-October, 1810, King Ludwig I decided to marry the love of his life, Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. They did as most newlyweds do and had a massive outdooor party to celebrate. The citizens of Munich flocked to the fields in front of the city gates where parades, horse races and plenty of eating and drinking took place.

A fairground was set up for spectators to watch the events and Oktoberfest was born! Nowadays, the event is the largest Volksfest – an event combining beer festivals and funfairs – in the world. The event usually lasts just over two weeks and sees people from far and wide head to Munich for the festivities. Tents are erected for people to meet up inside, and beer is the main attraction on the menu. Ludwig and Terese would be proud!

Oktoberfest Around The World

The idea of drinking German beers and eating tradional German foods has made Oktoberfest a huge success in many countries around the world. The majority of big cities hold a Munich- inspired celebration. The Bavarian beers served come from six major German breweries – SpatenLöwenbräuAugustiner-BräuHofbräu-MünchenPaulaner and Hacker-Pschorr.

Foods associated with the event include Würstl (different German sausages), Brezen (pretzels), Sauerkraut (cabbage) and different roasted meats.

Of course, Oktoberfest wouldn’t be a historical event without horse races, carnivals and Bavarian dress like the first ever celebration. Men are encouraged to wear lederhosen while women wear dirndls and plait their hair. Free shots to anyone who comes to Flaherty’s in their best Bavarian outfit!

Oktoberfest in Barcelona

We will be celebrating the traditional Munich way from 17th September to 3rd October. If you think you have the beer drinking skills, come down and get your free Flaherty’s Oktoberfesting reward card. For every five pints of your chosen beer, you will receive a free pint! How many cards do you think you can fill out over 16 days?

We’re also taking inspiration from the food aspect of the festival with a Maxi Bockwurst with grilled onions for just 2.80€! With the aromas of German sausages filling the air and a pint in your hand, you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into a tent at Oktoberfest. Who needs to travel to Munich?!

We’re looking forward to welcoming people from all over the world to Flaherty’s Irish Bar to celebrate Oktoberfest in Barcelona. Bring an empty stomach and a love of all things Bavarian. 

Check out all the event information here: http://bit.ly/Oktoberfest_BCN

Prost! Cheers! Salut! Sláinte!

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