Our Burgers selection

Our Burgers selection

Are you in search of the tastiest Burgers in Barcelona?

best burger barcelonaForget about fast food, we are talking about burgers made with exquisite and high quality ingredients, homemade and grilled to perfection. You might not have heard about this before, but creating a burger is an art only a few have mastered. So for those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of trying one of them before, we invite you to come to see us at Flaherty’s Irish Pub to try our Burger Selection and let us know what you think, because we are convinced we have the best burgers in town!

All of our burgers are served with handcut chips, yes you read right! Hand cut chips! They are absolutely delicious. Just to add to the experience, there’s also a small bowl of caesar salad to accompany your scrumptious burger. Sounds good right? You can see them all here but have a read first!

For the past couple of years burger lovers have become fussier and pickier when it comes to their favourite meal. It all started with the natural growth in popularity that burgers have achieved, that had all of us searching for the perfect one. But Flaherty’s Irish Pub had been well-known for some of the best burgers in Barcelona long before the Burger Craze was even a thing. We have a wide selection, from spicy to vegetarian so everybody can find the one they can’t resist.

Get involved with our burgers

All of our burgers are delicious, let’s be honest. But we clearly have some very special recipes that make our customers come back for more over and over again. The all-time favourite is our classic burger, just because we know there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics! This juicy burger is combined with melted Irish cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, and grilled onions. We’re not surprised you all love it so much, so do we! As a burger lover, you really couldn’t miss out on our signature Flaherty’s Burger, garnished with grilled mushrooms and onions, a fried egg, Irish bacon, lettuce and tomato. It has been winning the hearts of our visitors ever since it was created.

Those in search for adventurous combinations like to indulge on our Smokey Joe Burger, a yummy burger topped with pulled pork and battered onion rings that is the weakness of all you meat lovers. One of the newest additions to our menu is the Double Trouble Burger, as its name indicates; it’s a double burger patty! So if you love our burgers so much, and you don’t have enough with one of them, this is for you!

Now we’re sure that all of you will have tried our famous Irish Breakfast at least once if your life! It’s just so delicious that we came up with the idea of making a breakfast burger. Yes, you heard correctly, breakfast on your burger! Our all-hours breakfast burger is topped with a fried egg, Irish bacon, and a hash brown. It’s great if you’re fighting between the all-time classic Brekkie or a burger. Go’on, just have it all-in-one, have the Brekkie Treat!

Could there possibly be more beef burgers you ask? YES! You can also enjoy our Goat’s Cheese Burger if you’re a so-called cheese lover, it’s amazing! The Chilli Chilli Bang Bang will not give you less amazement than its own name. A delicious burger patty topped with our homemade chilli. Great choice! And if you want it spicy spicy, get the TEX-MEX topped with Cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, a dollop of guacamole, and a special Mexican sauce.

Prefer Chicken?

If you like chicken more than beef don’t worry, we got you. Our Cheesy Chick Burger made its way back to the menu recently by popular demand, so you can imagine just how good it is. Grilled chicken with cheddar cheese, Irish bacon, tomato, lettuce, onion and roasted ranchero sauce.

And if you want to try something different, you have our Breaded Chicken Burger, new to our menu this year. It comes with marinated chicken breast, lightly breaded with Panko breadcrumbs, which comes with lettuce, tomato and a thin layer of mayonnaise. Yum! It really is as delicious as it sounds.

Veggie Option

Flaherty’s is a Vegetarian friendly Irish Pub, which is why we’ve always made sure we have a veggie option of all of our specialities. Our Veggie Burger is topped with melted Cheddar cheese, juicy tomato, lettuce and our red onion relish, so you know it has to be good. It’s been recognised as one of the best in Barcelona, and we recently had some lovely vegetarian burger bloggers come and enjoy one and they had lots of good things to say! You can read their post here.

Enough information for now! It’s time for you to come and try them if you haven’t beforehand, or come back for more if you have! More posts on our food coming soon, until then, see you at Flaherty’s Irish Pub Barcelona


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