Want to Flaherty’s love your job – all week long?

Working for Flaherty’s is like finding a home and a family. Everyone knows the Irish for our friendly nature and disposition. That applies as much to our team as it does to our customers. Bar work Ibiza just took on a whole new meaning.

We believe in working hard and working happy.

Delivering the Flaherty’s warmth, fun, and attitude that our customers have come to know, love and expect from us brings out the best in our team. We know that making sure we’re having a right craic ourselves means it’s a genuine experience customers’ come back for again and again.

The focus at Flaherty’s is on making sure that every-last one, of our customers, wherever they hail from, is given a warm, friendly welcome. Providing better and better-quality food, top notch service and an atmosphere second to none – is a challenge that never ends.

If you are up for that challenge and want to learn and grow in the business, this is the place for you. Other members of the Flaherty’s family spend their summers with us. For some it’s their gap year and for others it’s a pit stop “enroute” to fame and glory as a beekeeper, ballerina or brain surgeon.

What’s most important is that you’re enthusiastic, talented, fun and always ready with a friendly smile. Eager to welcome people to our little piece of home away from home where they can make new friends, watch all the sports and most importantly, enjoy the craic.

Once upon a time in Ibiza

You could see us as a big family, once you’re in, you’ll always be part of the Once Upon a Flaherty’s team. You’ll always be welcome to come and have a good laugh with your Once Upon a Time colleagues.

We take great pride in our team and regardless of your experience or position, you’ll be expected to work hard and muck in. Fundamentals for success in our team are an outgoing personality and a sense of humour. You’ll need to be a team player and do whatever it takes to guarantee that each and every customer’s experience is always top-notch.

Now if you’ve ticked all these boxes and have at least a smattering of Spanish, then please do fill in the form below and let us be bejazzled by your CV. We’d love to welcome you to our ever-growing Flaherty’s family!

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