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Where to Have Cocktails in Barcelona

Flaherty’s Irish bar in Barcelona is famed for its wide selection of Irish and International beers and spirits. But did you know that it’s also a popular hangout among cocktail lovers in the Barcelona area? Irish pubs at their core are open environments where people go to express themselves and enjoy new experiences. That’s why Flaherty’s guarantees that our menu is all inclusive, catering for all manners of tastes in both food and drink.

Cocktail Bar Barcelona
In modern times, Irish pubs have become dynamic locations, with a variety of food and drink on offer for an international crowd and that’s certainly true of Flaherty’s. For some we’re a place to go to catch the big game, for others we’re a cultural hub where expats and locals can mix and get to know each other. However, perhaps the latest string to be added to the Flaherty’s bow is our fast-growing reputation as one of Barcelona’s best cocktail bars.

Our Cocktail Menu
At Flaherty’s we like to think outside of the box, because we know that our customers are discerning consumers who not only come to us to enjoy the best quality food and drinks, but also a wide variety of interesting drinks options.

Classic Cocktails
The classics are classics for a reason! That’s why Flaherty’s offers up a range of the most popular cocktails to please traditionalists. Whether it’s a manhattan or a daiquiri, a bloody Mary or a mojito, you can rest assured that Flaherty’s has your favourite cocktail waiting for you in the heart of Barcelona.

Pint Cocktails
For those of you feeling adventurous during your stay in Barcelona, you might want to try out some of our Pint Cocktails. From the loaded Irish Trash Can, made with Bombay Gin, Bacardi Spiced Rum, Vodka Peach Schnapps and Red Bull, to our Cheeky Vimto with Port and Blue Wkd, you’re sure to find something that will quench your thirst for adventure.

Cava Cocktails
For another cocktail option you may not yet have tried, make sure to sample our Cava Cocktails. Light and fruity, they make for quirky refreshment on a warm day in the Catalan Capital.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks
At Flaherty’s we also provide a range of non-alcoholic drinks. Customers can enjoy our broad range of gourmet coffees, herbal teas as well as our delicious smoothies!

Irish Pub in Barcelona
Whatever your tipple may be, you can be sure you’ll find it at Flaherty’s Irish Bar in Barcelona. Located in the heart of the city, it’s the perfect location for parties and gatherings of all descriptions.

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