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Guide to Paris Olympics: Best Place to Watch in Barcelona

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With the Paris Olympics just around the corner, excitement is building! But where is the best place to catch all the Olympic action in Barcelona? The answer to that is easy: Flaherty’s Irish Bar. Not only do we provide punters with gourmet breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner options, we’ve also got a wide selection of drinks for you to enjoy. That’s what makes Flaherty’s the go-to place for sports fans in Barcelona looking to experience the pinnacle of world sport in an unbeatable atmosphere! So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Paris Olympics.

When is the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics?

The opening ceremony for the Paris Olympics is scheduled to begin at 7.30pm CET on July 26th, and is said to be the largest opening in the history of the games. What’s more, in true French form, the ceremony is set to be a groundbreaking experience, as instead of being held in a stadium, it will take place in the very heart of Paris along the banks of the Seine! At Flaherty’s, we’ll be showing every momentous minute of this unique event, so be sure not to miss it.

When do the games begin?

The games themselves begin for real on July 27th, and will feature 32 sports with 329 events to be decided. A staggering 206 countries will compete for the spoils over the course of the games, making this a truly global phenomenon. 

Most Watched Olympic Sports and New Events

While athletics is clearly the jewel in the crown of the Olympic Games in terms of viewing figures, swimming, gymnastics, and diving also draw huge audiences. Football is the most-viewed team sport of the games, with basketball coming in second. The Paris 2024 Games will also mark the introduction of several new sporting events to the Olympics. These include:

  • Breakdancing: also known as ‘breaking’, this urban hip-hop dance event is sure to attract eyes when it makes its debut.
  • Kayak Cross: although not the only canoeing event in the games, this new variation will see competitors race against each other, rather than the clock, on a downstream course at breakneck speeds!

What is the most popular Olympic sport in Spain?

Spanish people traditionally embrace the games and have performed admirably across many disciplines. Tennis legend Rafa Nadal will be gunning for his third Olympic gold medal, while his protege, Carlos Alcaraz, may have designs on winning his first. In swimming, former gold medalist Mireia Belmonte will be looking to bounce back to the podium after a difficult spell of injuries. What’s more, expectations will be high for the Spanish women’s soccer team and men’s basketball team, both entering the games as reigning world and European champions, respectively.

Ireland at the Olympics

Of course, at Flaherty’s, we’ll be paying special attention to the Irish Olympic team. The glory days of Sonia O’Sullivan may seem a long time ago, but a new crop of Irish athletes are poised to make a statement in Paris. Swimmer Daniel Wiffin of County Down is looking to capitalise on an impressive run of form. Having already got one Olympics under his belt, the 22 year-old is fancied to put on a good show in Paris. Likewise, Dubliner Rashidat Adeleke has attracted praise from athletic legends such as Michael Johnson, and will be hoping to sprint her way to the podium in the 100 and 200 m events. Finally, perhaps the safest bet for the Irish, will be in their legendary boxing team. Ireland have won more medals in boxing than in all other events combined, and the Paris 2024 team led by reigning champion Kelly Harrington will be determined to deliver. 

Best Place for Sports in Barcelona

So if you’re looking for somewhere to go to witness and celebrate this momentous occasion, come to Flaherty’s Irish Bar in Barcelona. Our menu is simply unbeatable, with options to please all tastes, from vegans and vegetarians to lovers of classic burgers. We’re proud to provide a unique setting for people from all corners of the globe to come and experience the breathless excitement of the Olympics in a hopping atmosphere.