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Best Place to Hold Events and Gatherings in Barcelona

Whether you’re planning a birthday bash, an event for a club or association you’re involved in, or simply organising a party or get-together with friends and family, you can’t go wrong with Flaherty’s Irish Bar in Barcelona. We offer a dynamic location with an unbeatable atmosphere that’s suitable for all kinds of events and gatherings.

Why Flaherty’s Is the Best Place to Host Your Gathering

At Flaherty’s, we have everything you need to make your event a success. Let’s take a look now at just how we can make your gathering an unforgettable one. 

The Best Pub Food in Barcelona

Our kitchen is famous throughout the Catalan capital for our diverse range of mouthwatering burgers, sumptuous roast dinners, midweek lunchtime Angus steak menu, as well as our light bites and snacks. Our delicious range of main dishes includes classics such as fish and chips, bangers and mash, steak & mushroom guinness pie . What’s more, our menu also features a number of vegan and vegetarian dishes, helping to ensure that your event caters to all tastes and dietary preferences.

Flaherty’s Group Menus

If you’re looking to organise a nice sit-down meal with friends or colleagues, then we have a range of group menus designed to satisfy everyone. Starting from as little 18 euro, we have three-course meals that are tailored for all kinds of events and occasions.

A Wide Selection of Drinks

At Flaherty’s, we take pride in catering to all tastes, with a drink to suit everyone. For beer lovers, we have a wide selection of lagers, ales, and stouts, not to mention the best pint of Guinness in Barcelona. Then, for those who enjoy a sweeter tipple, our cocktail menu boasts a scintillating range of drinks, from classics like the Cosmopolitan to newer concoctions such as the popular and trending Hot Pink Barbie pint cocktail. 

Our wine list features some of Spain’s finest reds, whites, and rosés, as well as a number of international labels of considerable renown. Finally, for those looking for a non-alcoholic option, rest assured that Flaherty’s has plenty of drinks to choose from. All in all, guests at your gathering won’t be short of drinks to choose from!

A Dynamic Setting in a Hopping Atmosphere

One of the great advantages of having Flaherty’s host your gathering or event is our unique atmosphere. Oftentimes, parties held in restaurants become stagnant as guests get marooned on either side of the table and can only really interact with those in their immediate proximity. At Flaherty’s, we offer the best of both worlds. Guests can enjoy the benefits of a sit-down meal, then mingle together in the unbeatable atmosphere of a quintessential Irish pub.

Prime Location

Simply put, Flaherty’s Irish bar couldn’t be better situated in Barcelona. Located in the heart of the city, just off Barcelona’s famous La Rambla avenue, it’s easy to find for both locals and visitors, making it one of the most convenient locations in the city for gatherings and events of all kinds.

Events at Flaherty’s

We are proud to play host to all kinds of gatherings, events, and parties and provide our customers with an unforgettable experience. Here is just a short list of the kinds of events typically held at Flaherty’s: 

  • Birthday Parties
  • Work dos
  • Post-match ‘Tercer Tiempo
  • Stag and Hen Parties
  • Seasonal parties
  • Book Launches
  • Club AGMs

So if you’re looking to organize a group event in Barcelona, Flaherty’s will cater for your every need. Get in touch with us today to make your booking and get the party started!